About us

edwisor is an edtech startup founded in late of 2015 to solve the problem of solving un-employability. We are focused on solving this problem by taking a highly personalised & user centric approach to deliver learning & skill based employability outcomes. We have grown from our founder's 10 by 10 ft drawing room to a team of 50 passionate edwisorians who are driven to solve the problem of un-employability in India.

  • 12,000+

    Our Selection Rate

  • 8000+

    Interviews Arranged

  • 2000+

    Students Placed in Jobs

Our Vision

Our mission is to build edwisor as a 100% live classes platform for job-role skills.

Our vision is to reinvent online education through highly personalised user experiences.

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    Small batch sizes to 1:1 teaching from industry pros who would also help getting students hired in companies.

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    Outcome based

    Students are expected to pay only when learning outcomes are delivered.

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    Personalising education experiences for 1 million online learners globally by 2022.

Solving 3 Problems

These problems can be solved at scale with rightly engineering business models & technology

  • 1.

    Teaching is not personalized

    Teaching in college, school or even online has not become personalised enough to understand that every student is different.

  • 2.

    Quality of teaching

    Lack on industry pros teaching due to limited financial benefits or career motivations.

  • 3.

    Poor outcomes

    Students are paying lakhs to schools, colleges & online portals but not getting desired learning outcomes.

Our Team

Currently we are a small and passionate team

  • about-edwisor-team-Raman Arora

    Raman Arora

    Founder & CEO

  • about-edwisor-team-Jasmine Arora

    Jasmine Arora

    Founder & Director

  • about-edwisor-team-Archit Gupta

    Archit Gupta


  • about-edwisor-team-Abhishek Sharma

    Abhishek Sharma


A word from our Employees

Few main features that you will find Only on our platform which can provide real value in your path

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