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We ‘ve got few reasons which makes us different in many ways

  • Study Anywhere


    Start from Live Demo sessions to understand product’s functionality and its features. Following things are Skill Curriculum then Upcoming Live Classes

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  • Industry Level


    As soon as you complete your curriculum sessions you will be introduced to Live Industry Level Projects which will make you practically skilled in that specific Job Role

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    As soon as you cover up the curriculum, you will be groomed by our HR experts to get you ready for upcoming Job Interviews for you

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Here are few Outcomes

Through our platform many students, Recruiters and mentors have

  • 12,000+ hrs

    Live Classes held

  • 10,000+

    Interviews Arranged

  • 1,000+

    Number of Mentors

Reviews of Our Students

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  • What are 100% Live Classrooms by edwisor?
    100% Live Programs are a highly engaging yet intensive Online programs designed specifically for Working professionals or Freshers who aspire to start their Career in Tech Job Roles in Data Science and Web Development.
  • What can I expect from edwisor's Job Readiness Programs?
    edWisor's Live classes follow a Case study methodology where-in the mentor is going to put you inside a work problem situation which one might face inside a job role. We have found out that this level of learning is much more practical than mugging up theory, which doesn’t work in the industry.
  • What type of learning experience should I expect?
    The content is 100% Live Classroom based with industry leaders as well as renowned faculty. Additionally, the program comprises of recorded content for self study, assignments and Industry Live Projects. There are downloadable resources available after every live class - including Weekly tasks for practice.
  • How does edwisor keep up to date with the curriculum.
    With the changing demand and Trends in today's world, Live Classes have proven to be highly beneficial. New Topics and Technologies are periodically added to the Program content.
  • Is any certification granted at the end of the program?
    Yes, A certificate is provided on completion of 80% of the program - which is in partnership with NASSCOM.
  • What are the different stages in edwisor's training methodology?
    Different stages in a Learners Journey at edwisor are - Learning (through 100% Live Classrooms), Portfolio (Live Project and Portfiolio building and Hiring (Guaranteed opportunities at our partner companies.
  • How to enroll for this program?
    edWisor follows a batch system where in there are different batch size options available. Enrollments on the platform are not open and to Enroll - one must request a slot for the upcoming batch.
  • What all programs are available with edWisor?
    At edWisor, we current run Live Programs in Tech Roles like Data Science and Machine Learning, with Non Tech Roles like Sales and Marketing, in Pipeline.
  • How to Live Projects work?
    The skills that you learn through live case study sessions are evaluated through projects which provide a hands-on experience of working in the industry. Projects are evaluated by mentors and ratings are provided by mentors on the basis of how the skills you acquire are implemented on the projects.
  • How are Subject Matter Queries resolved at edwisor?
    The beauty of Live Classrooms is that most of the doubts are solved within the classroom, either on the spot or in the last 30 minutes of the class which are dedicated to Doubts only. Additionally, one can post any Subject related query on the Student Discussion Forum, where we have Mentors and Teaching assistants active throughout the day, to help resolve your queries.